Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Productive Weekend! (updated pics)

The nursery is finally in the beginning stages! We decided to paint the room yellow, which really brightens up the room. Nolan's momma came down from Jasper this morning and slaved away ALL day in our house. She painted, cleaned, and cooked! Nolan's Aunt Donna also came and helped paint and put the furniture together. I can never thank them enough! What an awesome family we have! We are so blessed. Nobody let me lift a finger, and they didn't want me smelling the paint, so I went out shopping! I'm almost done with Christmas presents! But back to the's starting to look so great! Now all we have left to do is more decorating. I bought the valence to match the bedding, and Paige said she was going to make letters to spell his name (whenever we decide what that will be) to hang above his crib. It is definitely making me so excited!!!! Here are some pics!

Nolan worked really hard all weekend and I'm really proud of him! He was such a handyman! He installed these awesome blinds on our kitchen door window, and put up a full-length mirror for me that I have been wanting forever! He also put together the entire changing table by himself, and worked with Donna on the crib! He was a busy guy this weekend, but did a great job!

I also got a new car last weekend! It's a Chevrolet Equinox, which I really love! I'll have to take a picture when its daylight and will post that below. We got it for a great deal. It will definitely give us more room than the little Sunfire! :)

I am 30 weeks as of today! I can't believe he will be here in 10 weeks! (or less) We got the 4-D ultrasound last week. He definitely looks like Nolan! He has his lips and nose for sure, and maybe my chin. But he is so precious already! I can't wait to see him! We also know he is very flexible! During the whole ultrasound, he had his leg sticking straight up, where his toes were literally on top of his head! I don't see how that is comfortable, but I guess he could move if he wants. :)

Here is my 30 week belly pic. It's been a while since I have taken one. He is definitely moving around and growing. Strangers are always commenting on how low he is, and I definitely feel like he is too! Most days, he is sitting directly on my bladder! I can't believe I still have 10 weeks to grow! I'm gonna be huge!!!!