Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Productive Weekend! (updated pics)

The nursery is finally in the beginning stages! We decided to paint the room yellow, which really brightens up the room. Nolan's momma came down from Jasper this morning and slaved away ALL day in our house. She painted, cleaned, and cooked! Nolan's Aunt Donna also came and helped paint and put the furniture together. I can never thank them enough! What an awesome family we have! We are so blessed. Nobody let me lift a finger, and they didn't want me smelling the paint, so I went out shopping! I'm almost done with Christmas presents! But back to the's starting to look so great! Now all we have left to do is more decorating. I bought the valence to match the bedding, and Paige said she was going to make letters to spell his name (whenever we decide what that will be) to hang above his crib. It is definitely making me so excited!!!! Here are some pics!

Nolan worked really hard all weekend and I'm really proud of him! He was such a handyman! He installed these awesome blinds on our kitchen door window, and put up a full-length mirror for me that I have been wanting forever! He also put together the entire changing table by himself, and worked with Donna on the crib! He was a busy guy this weekend, but did a great job!

I also got a new car last weekend! It's a Chevrolet Equinox, which I really love! I'll have to take a picture when its daylight and will post that below. We got it for a great deal. It will definitely give us more room than the little Sunfire! :)

I am 30 weeks as of today! I can't believe he will be here in 10 weeks! (or less) We got the 4-D ultrasound last week. He definitely looks like Nolan! He has his lips and nose for sure, and maybe my chin. But he is so precious already! I can't wait to see him! We also know he is very flexible! During the whole ultrasound, he had his leg sticking straight up, where his toes were literally on top of his head! I don't see how that is comfortable, but I guess he could move if he wants. :)

Here is my 30 week belly pic. It's been a while since I have taken one. He is definitely moving around and growing. Strangers are always commenting on how low he is, and I definitely feel like he is too! Most days, he is sitting directly on my bladder! I can't believe I still have 10 weeks to grow! I'm gonna be huge!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Paige and ALL the babies visit!

Ok....this was a few weekends ago, so I'm a little late. Paige and all the kids were able to come down for a weekend, which was LOTS of fun because I was having withdrawals from all the babies! Hunter and Shelby are getting SO big! I can't believe it. Shelby turns 4 in December, so she's a real big girl. She's actually into Hannah Montana!

Nolan of course loved his "Shelby-time." He thinks she is the greatest thing in the world! Hopefully she may move down to number 2 after February! ;)

Mom got Hunter and Shelby a Junior Monopoly game which they LOVED. They were able to play with Gaggy and Poppa and Hunter won! They also played Twister which was the CUTEST thing ever but my camera was acting up, so no pics of that! :(

Reese is also growing like a weed! She is sitting up so good and is very close to crawling! She still has those precious blue eyes and keeps the WIDE OPEN all the time! (except during bottle time!)

I also had my garage sale that weekend and got rid of TONS of stuff and made a lot more money than I expected! Nolan's mom came down Friday night and helped get everything set up and priced. I could NEVER have done it without her! She was such a HUGE help. Thank you so much!!! :) I'm so excited that we have money to spend on things we need. On the to do list next is to paint the room and then put together the crib and changing table! So much left to do!!!

I also got to see Kimberly this same weekend at her baby shower. Its so fun to have another friend who has a baby that will be close to mine! Of course, her baby will definitely be longer than mine! Haleigh also found out recently she is pregnant, so we took a pregnancy pic. So many babies! So exciting!
Now onto the next post of last weekend...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween and Alumni game!

This post is a little past due....
Nolan and I went to Montgomery on Halloween weekend. We got to see lots of friends from college and had a GREAT time. On the way down we stopped to see Mandi, and then stayed the night with Steve and Kayla. Nolan was glad to have his guitar buddy back for a night! Saturday morning I went to the alumni volleyball game. Of course I couldn't play, but I got to serve for Brittney and I didn't miss any! :) It was SO good to see all the vball girls!!!

After the volleyball game and lunch with all the girls Nolan and I went to the Faulkner homecoming football game. It was fun and they won!!! :) Yay for them! We got to see lots more old friends at the game and it was so fun! It made me miss college so much! The real world is not fun! :(

After we left the football game, we went straight to Rick and Brooke's NEW house for the Halloween PARTAY! I was bad and didn't take very many pics. I did take one of me, Brooke, and Kelly. They were both superheros. Nolan and I went as rednecks. His mullet fit him well! :)

Some other fun news is that I ordered the crib and changing table! I'm so glad that is out of the way. I finally found a set I liked at JCPenny, and it should be shipped here sometime towards the end of next week. I can't wait! Hope Nolan is excited about spending a few hours putting it all together! :) I'm glad I finally have some time to start getting things together. We are having a garage sale at my parents' house Sat morning, so hopefully will get rid of tons of stuff to make room for everything the baby needs. Nolan's wonderful mom volunteered to come help with it. I am SO thankful for that! I could never do it by myself! The next step is to get the room painted. We are painting it light green. As soon as we get it painted, and the furniture put together I will post some pics. I haven't taken a belly pic in a while. I will take one this weekend for my 26 week picture. I can't believe I'm about to officially be in the 3rd trimester! YAY!!!! :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Paige's visit and Tummy update

Two weeks since Mom's surgery! Things are getting a little better for her every day, although it is still very painful and hard for her. She is doing a great job with her therapy though. She makes Nolan very proud! :) Thanks for the prayers and keep praying that she progresses well!

While I'm on prayer requests, I need to mention Nolan's Grandad. He's had several medical issues lately and was in ICU at UAB for several days, but is now finally in a regular room. Please pray that he continues to improve and will be able to go home soon.

Paige got to come to Birmingham with Bobby and little Reesey the weekend after mom's surgery. I had a home volleyball tournament that same weekend, so I was not at the house very much. I spent most of it in the gym at Homewood High School! But the little time I got to spend was great! I left my camera with Paige and told her to take some pics while I wasn't there. Reese is getting so big! She is such a sweet-tempered beautiful little baby! And I don't just say that because she is my neice. :)

Check out mom's sweatshirt she got from Paige. It says "I survived knee surgery!" She was definitely proud to wear it! :)

Reese and her "owl eyes." She always has her eyes WIDE open!

I also got a precious picture of little Reesey hugging her little baby cousin in my belly! (I think this picture is towards the top of the blog) How precious is she.
I also had a small baby shower at school during our professional development day. The school wanted to honor all the pregnant teachers at one time (there are 8 of us!). Here is a picture of the FOUR math teachers who are pregnant, and we are all a month apart starting in November.

And last but not least, my 22 week belly pic! I feel like time is flying by and we still have NOTHING DONE for the baby. We don't even have his name totally picked out. My excuse is that I have to wait until I have two seconds to spare after volleyball season is over, which is just around the corner. Then I have to get crackin!