Thursday, August 7, 2008

Some expensive teeth!

So.....I went to the dentist after a long TWO year break (which I don't recommend) and I was informed that my teeth need quite a bit of work! I have to have TWO root canals and THREE cavity fillings...all for the bargain price of $2600! I know this is a very un-exciting blog, but I have to vent a little. I have never had a root canal and I am SO NERVOUS about this one! I cleared all the drugs with my OB/GYN, so I am trusting her that our little peanut will be safe through all these procedures. I'm going tomorrow for one of the root canals and one of the fillings. Should be quite a miserable experience.

On another depressing note I started work today so summer is officially OVER! Tomorrow is the teacher workday and the kids start back Monday. I can't believe it's here! I would post pics of my classroom, but it's pretty much the same as last year! :) I'm sure I will have some interesting stories after next week!

Also, last weekend my cousin Holly had her baby shower. She is having a baby boy, Michael Jonathan, in October. She got lots of lovely gifts!
me and Holly
Mom, Aunt Freddie, Grandmamma, Holly, me
**Notice how cute the watermelon is-it's cut into the shape of a baby carriage with slices of grapefruit as the wheels! how cute is that!!! **
Holly, me, Liz (Holly's bro Clint's girlfriend)

Friday, August 1, 2008

My First...

This is my first BLOG entry to talk about our first BABY!!! Nolan and I found out I was pregnant (I'm not allowed to say "WE" are pregnant...haha) in the middle of June and just had our first ultrasound on July 25 to confirm everything was ok so far! I had to actually see the baby and its little heartbeat to actually believe it was true! The hearbeat was going at 162 bpm, which makes us think even more that we are having a girl. Either way we are just praying for a HEALTHY baby! I'm still in shock, but we are SUPER excited! The baby is due February 21st, so I'm 10 weeks and 6 days as of today. Here is the best picture we got out of the ultrasound, which was from 9 weeks and 6 days.

I'm going to try to be good about this whole blogging thing. I really enjoy looking at all my friends' blogs, so I guess I have to return the favor!