Saturday, September 27, 2008

Its a BOY!!!!

We found out this past Wednesday that we are having a baby boy! We are SO SUPER EXCITED!!! Nolan couldn't wipe the grin off his face the whole rest of the day. The doctor said everything was measuring good, so our little one is healthy so far...thank you for the prayers! Keep them coming! :) We haven't decided on any names's such a big decision! Here are some ultrasound pictures. I had to include the boy proof...sorry! I just thought it was too cute! There's also one of his leg and foot, and other profile pics that are cute.

This weekend was very busy. I had a volleyball tournament until about 9:00 Friday night, so Nolan headed to the lake to spend time with my family, actually I think he spent most of his time with the fish! I woke up early Saturday and headed back to the volleyball tournament and got back around 6:00. So now I am just procrastinating grading TONS of projects and test! Nolan got back from the lake late Saturday night, so he had a great weekend! Sunday, the plans are to go to church, then come home and grade, grade, grade! I know that sounds SO exciting! But that's the life of a teacher/volleyball coach.

I'm looking forward to next weekend off of volleyball. Me and Nolan are going to a Brad Paisley concert Friday night, and then our Fall church picnic on Saturday! That should be fun! Hopefully I'll be good and take some pictures!

Here is my 19 week belly pic. I am growing! :) I took this on a full belly, so it may be a little bigger because of that!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

3 more days! is my 18 week belly pic. I feel like I'm getting bigger every week, but I know that I have a long way to go! We have our appointment on Wednesday at 3: 00 to get the ultrasound, so hopefully little peanut will cooperate and turn the right direction so we can see if its a boy or girl! We are SO EXCITED to find out either way! After that we can start really planning! :)

We had a great weekend this weekend. I was off from volleyball so Friday after I got out of practice, Nolan and I headed to the lake! Mom and Dad went to Paige's for the weekend, so it was just us. Nolan had a blast fishing about 95% of the time we were there, and I had a great time just relaxing. I slept in Saturday, went for an hour and a half long kayak ride, laid out in the sun (really the shade since it was overcast) and cooked and watched TV. I LOVE to relax since I don't get much of that these days during volleyball season. Then Saturday night, we went over to our friend's house from church, Ethan and Keri Southern, and watched the Auburn game on the big screen with a group of our friends. Despite the loss, it was still fun! :)

The sad note came on Sunday when I attended the funeral of one of my mom's really good friends' husband, who died suddenly on Thursday of a heart attack. He was a really great man who deeply loved his family. Please pray for Denni Stewart and her four children he left behind.

I will post again after Wednesday to reveal if our little one is a boy or girl. Please pray that everything else they check for at this appointment goes well. Thanks!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Off weekend!!!

I had an off weekend from volleyball and it was WONDERFUL!!!! We went to Jasper on Friday and stayed there for the weekend. Nolan's birthday is today, so it worked out well that we could spend the weekend with his fam. It was so relaxing!!! We got there Friday around 4:30 or so and hung out with his family. His mom grilled out hambugers and we had a yummy meal that hit the spot. I was able to sleep in on Saturday (and Nolan's old room is the BEST ROOM EVER to sleep in because it has no windows and is totally black in there!). Nolan got up around 8:30 and went out to the hunting land with his dad and they rode four-wheelers for about 60 miles total! He absolutely loved that. They were able to check on the land and even saw a few deer. Meanwhile, I went for a nice 45 min walk in the beautiful sunshine. I was even able to ride the four wheeler for about 30 seconds, which was fun! Nolans WHOLE family came over for a late lunch on Saturday. We had the most steaks you've ever seen. (and if you know all the boys in Nolan's fam, you would understand why they need so much meat! haha!) Nolan's mom also fixed the most AMAZING mashed potatoes with cheese and all sort of other stuff in them and they were SO GOOD! I probably ate about 5 helpings of those throughout the whole weekend! She also fixed fried okra, green beans, squash, pasta salad, homemade rolls, and some yummy desserts. She is a wonderful cook! After that, Nolan and the boys went back out to the wilderness to do some "shootin" while I stayed in and relaxed on the lazy boy and watched TV. Then we all gathered around the TV to watch the pitiful 3-2 Auburn victory. Oh well... a win is a win! :) Sunday was church, then out to eat again with the entire Williams clan and we hung around before heading back to Bham. The weekends really do fly by too fast!
Tonight my parents took me, Nolan, Jordan, and Leah out to P.F.Chang's (a Chinese restaurant that is one of our favorites). Jordan's bday is tomorrow so we were celebrating for both of them. We had an amazing meal and it was good to be able to hang out with my fam for a while. Here are some pics of the weekend and tonight.

I meant to take another belly pic, but I forgot, so I will put another one soon. My ultrasound is Wednesday, the 24th, which is when we get to find out if little peanut is a boy or girl!!! :) We are so excited!!! Truly we will be happy either way. Mom's latest questionairre says its a boy, but she does a new one about every other day, which always gives her different answers. Basically, we have figured out its a 50-50 shot! :) Check for the boy/girl post next week! :)

Also, on a super-exciting note, Kiera had her baby! Tyler Dawson Keen was born on Sept. 11th! He is so precious and I am so excited for her! Her and David will make WONDERFUL parents! Love yall! :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

More Pics of Labor Day

Labor Day!!!

Well....I had my 14 1/2 week appointment this past week and we were able to hear the heartbeat! Mom and Nolan were both there, so I had my little fan club inside the tiny room. The nurse had an old-timey heartbeat thingy that didn't tell her the beats per minute, so I don't know how fast it was going this time. But it was so cool to hear it!!! :) I go back to the doctor on September 24th for my next ultrasound and get to find out if its a little boy or girl! We are SO excited that its only a few more weeks away! Ok, so here is my picture of my stomach WITH a shirt on. I don't think I'm ready to take the pics without the shirt. I still look fat, not pregnant, but oh well. That's just a stage you have to go through! :)

So this weekend was pretty jam-packed. I left school at 12:00 with the volleyball team on Friday and we went to a tournament in Huntsville. They played until about 10:00 Friday night and we were up at 7:00 the next morning and played until about 6:30. So that was about all the vball I could take for one weekend. The girls did pretty good. They went 2-5, but played some super tough teams. We got back to Bham at 9:00 Sat night and I headed straight to the lake, and got there a little after 10:00 so I was POOPED!!! Nolan's family, my sister, her husband Bobby and Baby Reese, and of course my parents, were all there. My brother and his wife actually came for a little while too so we had lots of fun family time! I can't believe how much bigger Reese has gotten. Nolan and his Dad spent most of their time fishing of course and Nolan caught a HUGE bass Saturday (I think it was a little over 6 pounds, which is really big for a bass in a lake) but of course I don't have pics of that because I was stuck in a volleyball gym at the time. Reese also had her first experience on a paddle boat. We did lots of laying around, kayaking, eating, etc. My dad should have a lot of those pics posted on his blog (yes...he actually has a blog! pretty impressive, huh!) Here are lots of the pics I took. Enjoy!

Videos of Baby Reesey!!!