Monday, October 20, 2008

Paige's visit and Tummy update

Two weeks since Mom's surgery! Things are getting a little better for her every day, although it is still very painful and hard for her. She is doing a great job with her therapy though. She makes Nolan very proud! :) Thanks for the prayers and keep praying that she progresses well!

While I'm on prayer requests, I need to mention Nolan's Grandad. He's had several medical issues lately and was in ICU at UAB for several days, but is now finally in a regular room. Please pray that he continues to improve and will be able to go home soon.

Paige got to come to Birmingham with Bobby and little Reesey the weekend after mom's surgery. I had a home volleyball tournament that same weekend, so I was not at the house very much. I spent most of it in the gym at Homewood High School! But the little time I got to spend was great! I left my camera with Paige and told her to take some pics while I wasn't there. Reese is getting so big! She is such a sweet-tempered beautiful little baby! And I don't just say that because she is my neice. :)

Check out mom's sweatshirt she got from Paige. It says "I survived knee surgery!" She was definitely proud to wear it! :)

Reese and her "owl eyes." She always has her eyes WIDE open!

I also got a precious picture of little Reesey hugging her little baby cousin in my belly! (I think this picture is towards the top of the blog) How precious is she.
I also had a small baby shower at school during our professional development day. The school wanted to honor all the pregnant teachers at one time (there are 8 of us!). Here is a picture of the FOUR math teachers who are pregnant, and we are all a month apart starting in November.

And last but not least, my 22 week belly pic! I feel like time is flying by and we still have NOTHING DONE for the baby. We don't even have his name totally picked out. My excuse is that I have to wait until I have two seconds to spare after volleyball season is over, which is just around the corner. Then I have to get crackin!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well...I am 20 weeks and 1 day as of today! Yay! Finally in the twenties! I can't believe I'm halfway there! We have not done ONE thing to get ready for the baby, but I'm waiting until volleyball season is over and I can breathe again! Here is 20 week picture. I don't think it looks any different than last week!
I am feeling him kick several times throughout the day, and it's such a neat feeling! He seems to be more active in the mornings and at nights, but not so much during the middle of the day.

This weekend we had so much fun! We went to the Brad Paisley concert Friday night, and despite sitting behind some chain smokers, we had a great time. He put on a great show! Here are some pictures from the concert!

Saturday we slept in to about 9:30 and then went to our Fall church pinic. We had some great food, and the boys had fun throwing the football around. Here some pics of that, and of Ella and Baylee supporting their favorite team!

After the picnic, Nolan and I headed to the lake! This is the last weekend mom will be able to go for a few weeks because of her knee replacement surgery, so it was good to be able to spend that time with her. Her surgery is Monday morning, and she is very nervous about it, so PLEASE PRAY for her! Pray that the surgery will go well, and her recovery will go smooth as well. She is a very active person, so sitting around for several weeks is going to be tough on her!
We had a great time though. As soon as we got there, mom and Nolan fished off the pier for a while. He has gotten her into fishing and she loves it! Then Nolan went out in the canoe to fish, and me and mom went kayaking. We had a GREAT time! We got to watch two deer and a little baby fawn for about 30 minutes! We just kayaked right along the bank, and followed them as they were walking and eating. We even got to see the little fawn nurse off his mama! It was SO CUTE!!!! We thought that was a great adventure, but then as we were kayaking in a different direction we spotted some racoons! And then right behind the big racoon was four BABY racoons! They were the cutest little fuzzballs. We watched them for about 20-30 minutes too. They kept going inside a hole, and then popping back out to check us out. They were seriously the cutest little things! So that was our kayaking adventure. I didn't take my camera, because I was scared that I would drop it in the water, but I wish I had pictures of all those cute animals.

It was great to have this weekend off, but this week will be a busy week! We have volleyball games throughout the week and our home tournament this weekend, so that involves a LOT of time. Paige is coming this weekend to help out when mom comes home from the hospital, so hopefully I will be able to spend some time with them! I'll keep you posted on mom. Again, please please pray for her! Thanks so much!