Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Weekend, Lesson Learned, and More.... was Nolan's FIRST Father's Day so he was super excited! He really LOVES being a Daddy...even more than I thought he would! He does a great job with him and I can't wait until Jake gets to be old enough to fish and play ball with daddy! It will be so cute!

We went to the lake for the weekend, since that is Nolan's favorite place to be. We actually bought a small fishing boat last week. It was Nolan's Father's Day/Birthday/Graduation present! ;) He could NOT wait to try it out. It's not one of those fancy ones, but is definitely an upgrade from the canoe he was fishing out of! :) Stupid me did not bring my camera this weekend, so I am just attaching the few pics from my mom's camera. My grandparents were able to come up from Montgomery too, so it was great to be able to hang out with them....and they loved being able to spend time with Jake. Jake really did love watching them and laughing at them too!
Jake wore a "Happy Father's Day" shirt for Daddy!

Jake's new jammies! I love him in navy blue!Nolan in his new boat with me next to him in the paddle boat....getting my leg workout in! ;)

This picture is actually a few weeks old, but I thought it was too cute! It was drizzling some outside, but I wanted to go on a walk with Jakey. He slept the entire time. He LOVES the carrier. If you look close you can see how wet it gets around his mouth because he loves to slobber and chew all over it!

Back to this weekend, I was going to share a valuable lesson for those "nursing mommas" out there. If you have been outside at all lately, you know it has been SCORCHING HOT. Just walking outside for 2 seconds makes you sweat. The water at the lake was 90 degrees, if that tell you anything. Well I was REALLY looking forward to laying out this weekend. I'm white as snow since I can't exactly go to the pool and lay out several times a week like last summer. My mom was planning on watching Jake so I could spend a couple hours in the sun. Well, I wanted to pump a bottle before going so I wouldn't have to worry about coming back up to feed him. I ended up getting 10 ounces!!! being as smart as I am...went right into the BLISTERING sun right after that to sweat another 10 ounces probably! About an hour passes and I was just too hot, so I decided to go up to the house for some water. I walk into the house and all of a sudden everything turns black. I try to make it to the fridge because I was just thinking in my head....if I could only get some water, I'll be fine. Well..I didn't quite make it, but I decided to pass out instead. Luckily, my mom happened to be cooking in the kitchen at the time and turned around just in time to catch me and preventing my head from splitting open on the hard floor! She must be a strong woman! She has two bum knees and I am definitely not a lightweight! So thanks mom for saving me!!!! So after finally waking back up we figured that....DUH....if you pump 10 ounces out its probably not the smartest thing to go lay out and sweat without drinking any water! So that was the drama of the weekend!

On a lighter note, I have some cute Jakey pics from the past couple of weeks to share

He is starting to really love his jumparoo! He hasn't gotten the jumping thing down pat yet, but he loves to make the music and lights play and hit all the toys.

Jake in his high chair. I put him in it while I am cooking dinner and he loves to watch and play with his toys.

Jake loves his bouncy seat. We actually feed him cereal from it most of the time since he still can't sit up good enough to eat in his high chair just yet. He is finally starting to eat most of the food, rather than spit most of it out. He tries desperately to feed himself and grab the spoon most of the time. He is a mess! :)

Paige, Bobby and all the kids left today for a beach trip to Gulf Shores. It worked out so that they could stop by in town to eat lunch, so I met them for about an hour. It was so good to see them all! I haven't really been able to spend time with the kids since Christmas. They are getting so big! I took some pics of them in the car before they got back on the road.

Me and my mom are leaving Wednesday morning to go to Gulf Shores and spend the rest of the week with them all. I can't wait! We are all staying in the same condo, along with another couple and their little boy, so this should be interesting! :) We all come back Saturday, but go straight to the lake and Paige and the crew are staying until Monday. So it should be a great visit! Hopefully I will be good and take lots of pics! :)


Holly said...

Bless your heart!! I've never thought about how much nursing would dehydrate you either. Glad you are okay. Thanks for the tip! Your little man is so CUTE. Love the new pics. Take care!

Kiera said...

Love the pics and happy father's day to Nolan... Can't believe you passed out oh my goodness! That could have been bad. You better be constantly drinking while you are at the beach!! Jake is so stinkin cute and getting so big! Love him!! That pic of Jake eating when he's in the tan outfit looks like a spitting image of Nolan! I think it's the angle. He's a perfect mix of both of yall but for some reason I totally see Nolan in that pic. Love and miss you!