Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Now to catch up!

First of all, read the blog below about Jake's birthday (it's a new post too) that I blogged about Jake's birthday, this is going to be a catching up blog about his first 4 months. I am posting some random pictures from the last four months. For more pictures you can always go to my facebook page. These pictures are in reverse order, so they start with the most recent and go backwards (I didn't feel like spending forever rearranging pictures). Enjoy! :)

I stayed with my parents until Nolan got done with clinicals, so it ended up being about 10 weeks or so. My parents were AWESOME letting me and Jake stay there. It was so good having mom there to help me out with baby advice and cooking for all of us!
After Nolan finished his Montgomery clinical, we moved back into our house and Jake finally got As many of you know, Jake is a chunk these days, despite being born at only 6 pounds 1 ounce. I guess he thought he had to catch up to his daddy quickly (Nolan was born at almost 10 pounds!) For his first several weeks, Jake was gaining an average of 2 ounces a day! I think I have some pretty fattening milk! But we love his chunky cheeks and precious rolls!
Now that summer vacation is here (one of the perks of teaching) I will hopefully have more time to stay updated. Hope you enjoyed the pics and hopefully I will blog soon. Some upcoming events are lake trips, Jake's first beach trip with Paige and her fam, and more lake trips!


Holly said...

What a hunk-a-burning-love!!! That baby is just the sweetest thing ever. Congrats to you guys!! I love a chubby baby and his cheeks and legs are too precious. So glad you all are doing so well.

Haleigh Cush said...

Hooray for blog posts!!!

Kiera said...

Great update!! Love that little man! Just wish we lived closer!! It's crazy looking back at the beginning pics, they grow up way to fast!!! ;( Love and miss you!
Did he spit up today? LOL

The Law Family said...

OHHHH...I love the one where Jake is wearing Hunter's little outfit. The blue onesie with the cars on it. I soooo remember my boy in that. Now he is about to turn seven.
Can't wait to hold Jakey. I miss him. He looks a LOT like you, Ash.